See the Blackjack promotions

Guru Play is an online blackjack destination! You can play the latest blackjack games on the Smart Gaming Group platform. Blackjack is a very cool game. Thankfully, you can easily grasp what it is all about. The rules are very straightforward. You will need to beat the dealer. In order to complete the task, you have to get as close as you can to twenty-one points. However, you cannot go over twenty-one points. The dealer will hand out two cards for every hand. The cards will be dealt and the game will start. The player will have the first turn in the game.

Players will usually have several choices during the game. They have the following options; surrender, hit, stand, split pairs, double, or insurance. It is important to know some of the terms that you might encounter in the game. Otherwise, you may feel a bit confused. For example, a bust would be a losing situation in which you get more than twenty-one points in total. You will have a blackjack when your initial two cards have twenty-one points. Your bet will be given back to you in the case of a tie. A blackjack hand is referring to the one player hand.

The blackjack promotions are listed on the website. If you have any particular questions concerning the game, you can check out the answers on the Guru Play site. You can also e-mail your questions to the customer support staff. Of course, you can easily reach the customer support by phone.