Share Bonuses with Friends

Casinos offer several different types of bonuses to their players in order to keep them happy and coming back to spend more money. One of these bonuses, known as the referral bonus, rewards the player as well as the friend that they referred to the casino.

What are Referral Bonuses?

Referral bonuses are given to members of online casinos when they successfully recruit new casino subscribers who make deposits into their accounts. For instance, when someone a player referred signs up for an account and is awarded a welcome bonus, they are not receiving the referral bonus. Neither player receives this bonus until the referred player makes a successful deposit. In fact, some casinos have minimum deposit requirements to which players must adhere.

How to Redeem Bonuses

The first part of redeeming a referral bonus is, of course, referring friends and family members to the casino. In most cases, players will be required to provide their log-in names or a specific code number in order to get credit for the referral. The player who is new to the casino will enter that code in the 'Promotions' field that is usually located in the cashier section of the website. Then, whenever the new player has satisfied the deposit requirements, both players will be rewarded with a bonus.

Terms and Conditions

There are often several terms and conditions associated with referring friends and family members to a website and recouping the bonus associated with it. First, the referred player must meet specific deposit requirements before either party receives the bonus. Second, there may be wagering requirements to be met before the amount of the deposit can be withdrawn from the account. Finally, players must be sure to find out if there is a limit on the number of referrals, whether weekly, monthly or annually.

Casino bonuses are certainly great ways for gamblers to earn more money to spend while playing their favorite games. Referral bonuses are easy to obtain for some, as long as all of the terms and conditions are read and understood.