Two Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Part of enjoying time in any online casino is taking advantage of the many bonuses that these casinos offer. Understanding the two main types of bonuses that are available will help players avoid frustration later down the line.

Sticky (Non-Cashable) Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are those that players can use to place wagers but can never be withdrawn from the player's account. For instance, if a player starts with a $0.00 account balance and is given a $100.00 sticky bonus, they can use that bonus to wager on their favorite casino games. If the player loses the money, nothing is really lost as this money was a bonus to begin with. On the other hand, if the player wins $500.00, this would mean the player has a total balance of $600.00. Only $500.00 can be withdrawn because the rest is 'sticky' and will disappear from the player's account after a period of time.

Non-Sticky (Cashable) Bonuses

On the other end of the spectrum, players may find that a casino rewards them for their loyalty or for making a referral with a non-sticky--or cashable--bonus. This bonus is deposited into the casino account, is usually much smaller than a sticky bonus, and may be withdrawn after certain conditions are met. Most of the time, players must wager 20x the original amount of the bonus in order to withdraw it from the account. Let's say a player is awarded a cashable bonus of $5.00 for making a deposit three months in a row. The player would have to wager $100.00 before he or she could withdraw that $5.00 from the account. The best kind of bonus is one that lets you withdraw everything you manage to win. Use this casino promotion next time you play and keep your winnings with Gaming Club Casino's no deposit bonus.

The size and frequency of sticky and cashable bonuses will vary from casino to casino. Though the wagering requirements may sound steep, players should remember that this is essentially free money. All of the money won with it is theirs to keep, even if the bonus itself must be returned to the casino.