Where to Find the Biggest Online Casino Bonus

Online casinos are constantly offering players the chance at huge bonuses, either to entice them to new games or to reward them for loyal behavior. In order for players to find the biggest online casino bonus, they will need to compare the many different types of bonuses offered, and determine which ones they can actually qualify for.

Sign Up Bonuses

Most of the time the biggest online casino bonus a given casino will offer is the sign up bonus. This is always a one-time deal that players get when they deposit money for the first time to play at a casino. The casino may agree to a matching bonus, in which it will deposit an amount that complements the player's own deposit. This bonus can be as little as half the player's original deposit, but some casinos will offer more than 3 times the original deposit. Depending on how much the player actually deposits, this can mean thousands of dollars in free casino cash.

Referral Bonus

After players have already signed up for an online casino account, they are no longer eligible to receive the huge sign up bonus. They are eligible for some other bonuses, though, if they meet certain conditions. Some casinos will match random deposits, encouraging players to deposit more money on a regular basis. One of the bonuses based on a player's loyalty is the referral bonus. If players refer a friend and that friend navigates to the casino through a redeemable code, the player who referred that friend will receive a special bonus.

All of the biggest online casino bonuses are designed to either attract new customers or thank customers for playing. Players should always be careful to read the fine print on any bonus they accept.