Win More with High Streak Blackjack

Not all casino games reward players for a winning streak. High Streak European Blackjack Gold, or High Streak Blackjack, is one version of a long-time favorite casino game that rewards players with bonus jackpots for winning streaks. The jeux rami gratuit website has prepared some fantastic games on top of all the promotions that they have been offering. As you might imagine, the whole thing looks great. That's why the reviewers were so amazed.

Table and Betting

In High Streak Blackjack, the table features a circle that reads "High Streak Bet" for players to place side bets. The bet is entirely optional, and players can wager more, less, or the same amount as the original blackjack wager. It's this optional bet that makes High Streak Blackjack so sensational. This game gives players a chance to win a jackpot, which grows over time as the winning streak continues.

The Rules of the Game

The goal of High Streak Blackjack is to come as close to 21 as possible in order to beat the dealer. The game is played with 2 decks of cards. There is no hole card. The dealer only gets one card at the start, and must stand on soft 17. Players can only double down on 9, 10, 11. Players can only split once, and not on unlike 10-value cards. After splitting, players can hit, but are not allowed to double down.

Winning with High Streak Blackjack

In High Streak Blackjack, winners win the regular blackjack bet which pays 1 to 1 for a winning hand and 3 to 2 for a blackjack. High Streak Blackjack winners that placed the optional High Streak bet at the beginning of the game also receive the winnings earned by it. The 2nd High Streak bet pays 1 to 1, the 3rd pays 2 to 1, the 4th pays 5 to 1, and the 5th pays 10 to 1.

Nothing is as thrilling as a blackjack winning streak. Playing High Streak Blackjack at an online casino can turn a player's good fortune into even better winnings.